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AMIGO ACFM Crack Microgauge

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AMIGO ACFM Crack Microgauge

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Product Description

The AMIGO from TSC is an ideal instrument to detect, locate and size surface breaking cracks in metals. The AMIGO exceeds clients’ requests for an ACFM product that is portable, rugged (rated to IP54) and an instrument that is an ideal tool for site inspections. These great qualities make the AMIGO a popular choice with a wide range of clients.

Specifically designed to function in a variety of environments, the AMIGO has easy-access cabling and large unobstructed buttons which allow the operator to concentrate on the job of inspection without being distracted by the operation of the instrument. Easy to operate, the AMIGO can help to streamline the way you work and effectively improve the inspection process.

The complete AMIGO system utilises our cleverly designed ASSIST software that offers ACFM data collection, defect sizing, offline viewing and data archiving. This makes AMIGO from TSC a comprehensive solution for the detection, location and sizing of surface breaking cracks.


The ruggedness, small size, weight and long battery life of the AMIGO makes the instrument ideal for use in the field.

Together with a rugged notebook PC, inspection can be carried out in almost any location.

The AMIGO can be carried by shoulder strap or worn on a belt as it only weighs 4.5kgs.

RS232 communications between the AMIGO and notebook PC are available in lengths of up to 30 metres as standard - longer cables are available on request making the system ideal for use where the ACFM operator has to be remote from the probe operator. This is particularly useful in abseiling situations, work from cranes and cherry pickers, confined spaces or hazardous environments.

Probes are available for virtually any application either manually deployed or specially designed for automated or robotic deployment.

ACFM was originally developed to depth size defects underwater on offshore oil platforms. Since then, many more industries are benefiting from the advantages the ACFM technique.

Standard ACFM products from TSC are now deployed in a variety of harsh or difficult to access environments including subsea, bridges, nuclear power plant, pressure vessels, welded joints and railways.

The oil and gas industry remains the largest application area for ACFM, including refineries, process plant and pipelines, but take-up in other industries is fast catching up.

Using the ACFM technique the result is a significant time and cost saving where previously areas required coating removal pre-inspection, and re-application post-inspection, regardless of whether an area suffered cracking. Furthermore, it mitigates the risk of untimely failures of components and structures by being able to detect cracks in the first place.

AMIGO Features:

The AMIGO instrument offers the following:

  • Rugged site unit, rated to IP54.
  • Reliable crack detection and sizing (length and depth).
  • Quick change battery pack capable of approximately 10 hours operation on a single charge.
  • Reduced component cleaning requirements with no need to clean to bare metal.
  • Capable of inspection through thin metallic coatings, or through non-conducting coatings up to 10mm thick.
  • Buttons for RUN / STOP and MARKERS on the instrument. Optionally available on larger probes enabling one man operation in difficult access areas.
  • Dual frequency capability:
  • 5kHz (Standard instrument for optimum performance on ferritic steel).
  • 50kHz (Additional option for improved sensitivity particularly on non-ferrous metals).
  • Access to a wide range of geometries using TSC's range of active topside probes.
  • Intelligent probes to simplify operation.
  • Rapid area scanning using multi-sensor array probes.
  • WindowsTM based software for ease of operation and compatibility with other Windows applications.

    System Options:

    Dual-frequency for non-magnetic material inspection
  • Support for position-feedback probes

    Support for multi-channel array probes


    Unit Weight 4.5 kg
    Unit Size 206mm x 292mm x 127mm
    Probe Cable Length 5m standard
    50m maximum (optional)
    Serial Communications Cable 5m standard
    30m maximum (optional)
    Array Probe Support 32 channels plus position encoder
    Power Requirements Internal battery or 110 - 240v AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Operating Temperature -20º to +40ºC
    Environment Protection IP54 rated
    Minimum PC Requirements Processor 500MHz, 128Mb RAM, 40Mb hard drive, serial port or one free USB port
    PC OS Requirements Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP

    Software - ASSIST FAMILY

    The current generation of ACFM software is the ASSIST family (ACFM Software Suite for the Inspection of Structures).

    ASSIST is available in three variants, ASSIST, ASSIST Lite and ASSISTant.

    The ASSIST family of software has been developed for both portable and desktop PC's running standard Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/W7.

    All variants of ASSIST provide an easy to use large-button interface particularly suited for portable PC's with touch screens, whilst retaining familiar windows menus if preferred.

    Many features and enhancements have been incorporated into the software, including:

  • Real time data collection and display for both manual and array probes.
  • Ability to display both X field and Y field data with compatible array probes.
  • Automatic data file naming and intuitive inspection file handling.
  • Ability to "zoom" in on sections of data for closer examination.
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    Manufacturer TSC

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