20 MHz, Straight K-PEN Replaceable Delay Line Pencil Probe,

20 MHz, Straight K-PEN

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K-PEN Replaceable Delay Line Pencil Probe. Focused, high resolution pencil probe. Interchangeable delay lines, two tip diameters. Extremely small contact area. Tightly curved surfaces, such as turbine blades. Wall thickness measurement from the bottom of an external pit. Straight, right angle and 45 handles. Straight model has removable handle
More Information
Frequency 20 MHz
Diameter No
Number of Elements Single Crystal
Connector Type No
Transducer Series No
Probe End Connector No
Instrument End Connector No
Cable Housing No
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Inside Diameter No
AC Output No
DC Output No
Pulsed DC Output No
Hardness Testing Standard No
Impact Device No