HT400A High Temperature Probe

HT400A High Temperature (up to 1,000F / 540 C), 5.0 MHz, 0.375" Contact Diameter, Thickness Range 0.040" - 10.0"


HT400A High Temperature Thickness Gauge Transducer for measuring wall thickness at high temperature, minimum acoustic drift with temperature increase and provides good coupling to materials with irregular surface conditions. The HT-400A is designed for use with the DMS and DMS2 thickness gauges, and it also works well with flaw detectors. Can be used continuously at up to 400F, or intermittently up to 1,000F / 540C Thickness Range 0.040" - 10.0" This item usually ships in 1 to 2 business days.

More Information
Frequency 5.0 MHz
Diameter 0.375"
Number of Elements Dual Crystal
Connector Type HT400
Contact Type Contact
High Temperature Yes