5.0 MHz 0.5" x 1" Rectangular Benchmark SWS Transducer

5.0 MHz 0.5" x 1" Rectangular Benchmark SWS
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BENCHMARK COMPOSITE Transducers. Penetration in attenuative materials is far superior to conventional transducers. High signal to noise on coarse grain metals, fiber reinforced composites, et al. Short pulse - resolution usually superior to Gamma Series. Gain is usually higher than that of the Gamma and Alpha Series. Very broadband - typical 6 dB bandwidths range from 60% to 120%. Low acoustic impedance element improves performance of angle beam, delay line, and immersion probes - excellent match to plastic and water.
More Information
Frequency 5.0 MHz
Diameter 0.500"
Number of Elements Single Crystal
Connector Type No
Transducer Series Benchmark
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Hardness Testing Standard No