Venture 7" x 17" High Intensity X-Ray Illuminator with Footswitch

7" x 17" High Intensity X-Ray Viewer with Footswitch Designed for and incorporating the requirements of professional radiographers, the model 83-C1 X-ray illuminator is well suited for inspection of long radiographs, such as those found in pipelines and similar operations. FEATURES : Full 7 x 17 inch illuminated viewing panel 1200 watts of viewing power for high density film Variable light intensity control Unique cooling system designed to protect valuable radiographs Standard footswitch for ease of operation Easy access for maintenance and bulb replacement CONSTRUCTION : All steel enclosure with blue polyurethane enamel finish. Separate heat resistant and safety glass shields, together with positive fan cooling, reduce the amount of heat which can reach acrylic plastic screen. Four 300-watt photo copy lamps provide even illumination over the entire viewing area. The variable dimmer allows precise control of the light source for positive film interpretation. SPECIFICATIONS : Dimensions: Width = 23.35"(59 cm) Height = 9.25"(23.5 cm) Depth = 12,75"(32.4 cm) Active viewing area = 7" x 17"(17.8 x 43 cm) Weight = 33 lbs(15 kg) Shipping weight = 39 lbs(17.8 kg) Power requirements: 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz. ORDERING INFORMATION : Model 83-C1 illuminator, complete and ready to operate with lamps, foot switch, and 8-foot, 3-wire power cord. OPTIONS : Model 65-M4 Magnifier 4 inch(10 cm) round 2-power ground glass lens, with flexible arm and quick coupler base. Model 83-MM-70 Metal mask to reduce viewing area to 70 mm x 17" Model 83-MM-3 Metal mask to reduce viewing area to 3.5" x 17" Model 83-MM-4 Metal mask to reduce viewing area to 4.5" x 17" Model 83-MM-B 4.5" x 9" plate for use with above masks to reduce length of viewing area
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