Ardrox 8506 Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension (case of 12 aerosol cans)


Ardrox 8506 is the ready-to-use suspension of a fluorescent iron oxide with the finest particle size in a carrier oil with a high flashpoint.

Ardrox 8506 is used for the high-sensitivity detection of surface and near surface defects in ferro-magnetic materials.

Ardrox 8506 meets the requirements of EN ISO Standard 9934 part 2, AMS 3045D, ASME V Article 7 and ASTM E 1444.

Made In Canada

More Information
ASTM E2297 Compliant No
Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Compliant No
ASTM E3022 Compliant No
Frequency No
Diameter No
Number of Elements No
Connector Type No
Transducer Series No
Probe End Connector No
Instrument End Connector No
Cable Housing No
Film Speed No
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Inside Diameter No
AC Output No
DC Output No
Pulsed DC Output No
Hardness Testing Standard No
Impact Device No