Parker BAC-310 Portable Battery/Inverter

The BAC-310 battery-operated Power Supply is a totally portable, stand-alone 110 VAC power source for operating Parker and other A.C. Yokes. The BAC-310 operates independently from any outside power source. Power is derived from the internal 12 VDC battery, which is inverted to 110 VAC output through the inverter circuitry. A separate battery charger is provided for overnight charging of the battery. The entire unit is contained within a heavy-duty steel case with dimensions 11½" H × 7½"W × 5½" D and weighs only 28 pounds. The unit may be used in any shop or field application and is ideal in areas where normal A.C. line power is not available or where outside power sources may present a safety concern. Plug any of the Parker A.C. series Contour Probes (Yokes) into the A.C. outlet. There is nothing else to do. The Contour Probes will function as they would normally from any other A.C. power source. Follow operating instructions for the individual Probe for correct and normal A.C. Yoke inspection techniques and requirements.
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