FMC & TFM Workshop

FMC & TFM Workshop

Zetec UT Sales Engineer director for PA UT, Guy Maes, will be delivering a workshop on Tuesday May 8th on FMC / TFM technology.

Full Matrix Capture (FMC) is a data acquisition process where each array element is sequentially used as a single emitter and all array elements are used as receivers creating a matrix of A-Scan data. Once the data is collected, signals are processed using the Total Focusing Method (TFM) to produce an image where each pixel in the region of interest has been calculated according to dedicated focal law.

This workshop will explain the theory behind this technology, its strengths and weaknesses, and explore its capability for various inspection configurations, including typical corrosion and weld examinations. A live demonstration of the technology using the newly released TOPAZ64 system will also be performed. The agenda includes:


  • Terminology
  • Standard phased array beam forming
  • Principles of FMC data collection
  • Principles of TFM data processing
  • Alternative advanced focusing techniques

FMC data collection

  • FMC data – File size and data throughput
  • FMC versus HMC data collection

TFM processing

  • TFM Frame parameters
  • Focusing capability
  • Coverage capability
  • TFM Frame parameters and amplitude fidelity
  • Considerations for corrosion and weld examination

Code status

Case studies

Live illustration of TFM characteristics and capabilities, using TOPAZ64

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About the Instructor

Guy Maes has been involved in advanced UT method development and implementation, capability assessment, and software development for more than 25 years. Since 2000, Guy has held various positions at Zetec and R/D Tech including Sales Director, Product Manager and UT Applications Manager.

Guy Maes