Eco Kit 400 Rigid Borescope

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IT Concepts' portable rigid Eco Kit 400, containing a 5.5mm rigid Boresscope, Working Length 400 mm, a 90° Side View Prism Tube and a 3W High Power LED Light Handle. The Eco Kit offers more Performance for less Money than any other comparable Product. It is an economic and easy to handle Instrument for all Kind of Applications. During the Inspection the Scope can be handled easily with one Hand.

For the Needs of Documentation a CCD Camera Head can be mounted to the Eyepiece with the help of Camera Adapters, which are available in the Accessories Section. The attached CCD Camera enables the User to show the Live Inspection Image on a Monitor, Video Imaging Hub, or to connect to a PC or Laptop (via iGrab Frame Grabber) to capture Images or record Inspection Videos. 

Features & Functions

  • Diameter 5.5mm (6.5mm with Side View Prism)
  • Working Length 400mm
  • Direction of View 0° (90° with Side View Prism)
  • Field of View 50°
  • Precise Achromatic Lens System
  • Stainless Steel Insertion tube
  • Stainless Steel Side View Prism
  • One Hand Operation Control even with Side View Prism Tube
  • DIN Eyepiece to connect to digital Camera, Video System or Frame Grabber
  • 3W LED Lightsource
  • ACMI Light Post for connecting different Light Sources
  • High-Quality Light Guides for maximum Light Transmission
  • Full Range of Accessories available
  • Liquid-tight Probe up to 1 bar
  • Splash proofed Handle
  • Tough and hard wearing Construction
  • Rugged stainless Steel Construction
  • Industrial Quality
  • Manufactured by IT Concepts 

Recommend Accessories

  • Videocameraadpater (for the Needs of Documentation)
  • CCD Videocamera (for the Needs of Documentation)
  • Frame Grabber (for the Needs of Documentation)
  • Imaging, Capturing and Storage Devices
  • Lightsources from 3W LED to 300W Xenon

Scope of Delivery

  • 5.5mm rigid Borescope
  • 6.5mm Side View Prism
  • 3W LED Lightsource
  • Eco Case Transport Case
  • 4 x AAA Batteries  

Technical Specifications

Diameter (rigid Borecope) 5.5mm
Diameter (Side View Prism tube) 6.5mm
Working Length 0.4m
Direction of View 0° / 90°
Field of View 50°
Working Distance 5mm to Infinity
Lens System Achromatic
Construction Stainless Steel
Insertion Tube Stainless Steel
Light Post ACMI
Operation Air Temperature -10°C to +80°C
Operation Liquids Temperature 0°C to +30°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Operation Humidity 0% to 95%
Storage Humidity 30% to 75%
Operation Atmospheric Pressure 1.0at
Storage Atmospheric Pressure 700hpa to 1060hpa

More Information
Frequency No
Diameter No
Number of Elements No
Connector Type No
Transducer Series No
Probe End Connector No
Instrument End Connector No
Cable Housing No
Film Speed No
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Inside Diameter No
AC Output No
DC Output No
Pulsed DC Output No
Hardness Testing Standard No
Impact Device No