The Practical Guide to Ultrasonic Testing in the Real World

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"A must for every technician's tool box!"
The Practical Guide To Ultrasonic Testing In The Real World™ is a workplace skills manual for technicians and QA/QC Departments explaining the theory in uncomplicated terms. Together with simple terms and the use of diagrams, this book shows original alternative techniques and tricks that improve accuracy and results while keeping the job simple and efficient. It is not a pretentious regurgitation of lots of mathematical formulas and complicated scientific explanation, but instead it aims to be clear, concise and simple in its explanation without losing its integrity. It shows various techniques and exercises that the author has developed to help recognize, size and position defects with greater accuracy thus reducing false calls and the wasting of time and consumables. This book is to be used by qualified technicians to improve their skills, the quality of their results, and their efficiency in the daily challenges to be met by the NDT industry. It is essential reading for all technicians prior to learning automated and computerized techniques such as phased array and TOFD. This manual is clear, concise and user-friendly. It is the easiest yet most complete and concise book available in the NDT industry. Please click here to view sample pages in pdf format.


An advanced UT training course in a book Easy to read and understand Understanding sound Understanding acoustics and reflection How to position, size and depth a defect with no trigonometry Unique sizing methods Combining sizing methods for accuracy Defect characterization Testing of nozzles and other awkward joint configurations Controversial myths busted
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