Industrial line Rigid Borescope

industrial line Rigid Borescope (Technical Endoscope)

high percise | rigid | semiflexible
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High Performance Videoscope-System made up of three Components:

  • iTool Video Imaging Hub as the Imaging and Documentation Hub
  • iSeries Videoscope with CCD Image Sensor and 4-way Tip Articulation
  • iCase and iCaseplus as a clever and compact Case for Transportation

With its intelligent Software, the iTool Video Imaging Hub visualises Inspection Images on the 6,8" high-resolution TFT Display and saves Images at the touch of a Button. With the iTool, Inspection Images can be precisely marked and documented. The iSeries Videoscope’s precise and extreme Articulation allows you to manoeuvre it into any Position you need and provides a high-quality Video Signal and exceptional Resolution. iCase or iCaseplus are clever and compact Transportation Solutions. This mobile Inspection System Solution is uncomplicated to set up and easy to use.

Features | Functions | Benefits

  • Digital Image Capture allows you to store Inspection Results on a Compact Flash Card®
  • Import the Images to your PC for Reports and E-Mail
  • High Resolution 7” LCD Display yields fantastic Images indoors and outdoors
  • 4-way Articulation allows the Videoscope to easily navigate through tight Inspection Areas
  • Tungsten sheath has 5 times the Wear Resistance of stainless Steel
  • Insertion Tube immersible in Water, Oils, Hydraulics, Kerosene, Gasoline & Diesel
  • Two Forward View Objectives included (near and far Focus)
  • Optional 90° Prism Tip Adapters are available to meet multiple Applications
  • Powerful 24W MH Light Source floods the Iinspection Target with brilliant white Light
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Frequency No
Diameter No
Number of Elements No
Connector Type No
Transducer Series No
Probe End Connector No
Instrument End Connector No
Cable Housing No
Film Speed No
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Inside Diameter No
AC Output No
DC Output No
Pulsed DC Output No
Hardness Testing Standard No
Impact Device No