iRis DVR Intelligent Remote Inspection System 8.0mm 7.5 meter 4-way

iRis DVR Intelligent Remote Inspection System (complete), Diameter: 8.0mm (0.315 inch), Working Length: 7.5 meter (24.6 ft), Articulation: 4-way, Objective Lens: One lens is included in the price of this system. Objective Lens Options: a) 90° FOV Red (110-0033) or b) 90° FOV White (110-0046). c) 60° FOV Black (110-0034) d) 60° FOV Gold (110-0056) Specify when ordering. iRis dvr 48-75-R, iRis dvr 48-75-W, iRis dvr 48-75-B or iRis dvr 48-75-G
More Information
Frequency No
Diameter No
Number of Elements No
Connector Type No
Transducer Series No
Probe End Connector No
Instrument End Connector No
Cable Housing No
Film Speed No
Film Size No
Film Packaging No
Inside Diameter No
AC Output No
DC Output No
Pulsed DC Output No
Hardness Testing Standard No
Impact Device No