GE Inspection Technologies Phasor XS 16/16 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The Phasor16/16 Weld offers all the benefits of phased array inspection to reduce inspection times and improve probability of detection. Images are presented as full colour sector B-scans and any of the constituent A-scans can be displayed separately or simultaneously. This allows instant and reliable sizing. • Provides easy-to-understand phased array imaging with the option of using conventional pulse-echo techniques if desired. • Incorporates the latest software for improved accuracy, reliability and reproducibility. • Is provided with a weld probe and package. Applications The Phasor16/16 Weld is ideal for detecting cracking, lack of fusion, porosity, and inclusions in welds, both during fabrication and in-service. It also finds applications throughout the aerospace, oil and gas, power generation and general engineering segments, where there is a need for reliable image-based inspection data.
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