GE Inspection Technologies Phasor XS 16/64 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The Phasor XS is powerful, portable, and affordable ultrasonic phased array imaging technology. Its software allows a probe with up to 64 elements to be fired in 16 element arrays, giving great resolution and probability of detection compared to conventional single channel UT inspections. • Ultra-portable, battery-powered Phased Array at less than 3.8 kilograms (8.4 lbs) • Industry standard code-compliant ultrasonic flaw detector • Electronically controlled and selectable beam angles, focus and size • Simultaneous inspection with multiple beams from a single location • Simple operation allows for easy transition from conventional UT to Phased Array inspection • Field-proven rugged packaging to withstand heavy on-site use • Full-color, real-time sector image displays true depth of indications, combined with selectable A-Scan • High visibility full-screen display and snap-shot image storage of sector images, A-Scans, B-Scans, measurement and on-screen set-up parameters • JPEG image reporting and data-set transfer via SD memory card • On-board delay law calculator
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