Magnetic Type Rockwell Hardness Tester PHR-100 INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING

Model PHR-100 Magnetic Type Rockwell Hardness Tester PHR Magnetic Rockwell Hardness Tester.pdf - 190KB
This cleverly designed hardness tester attaches to steel or cast iron parts by magnetic force, so it is only necessary to have access to one side of the workpiece. The test principle and accuracy comply with ISO6508 and ASTM E110 standards for Rockwell hardness testing. Tolerance of this portable tester is +/- 1.5HRC, comparable to the accuracy of bench top models. The PHR-100 can test almost any ferromagnetic workpiece of, provided there is enough flat or cylindrical surface to affix the tester. Test horizontally, vertically, or on an angle. Suggested applications include the hardness of steel plate, pipe, shafts, pressure vessels, large workpieces and assembled parts, and especially the heat affected zone (HAZ) of welds. The test is quick, easy and steady with good repeatability and accuracy. Kit includes: - Hardness Tester - 120°diamond cone indenter - 1.588mm carbide ball indenter - 3 Rockwell test blocks - V anvil (with adapter screws ) - Magnifier - Base for standard test block - Carrying case Specifications: Initial Test Force: 10 kg Rockwelll Test Force: 60 kg, 100 kg or 150 kg Indenters: 120° diamond cone, 1.588mm carbide ball Force Applying Method: by screw Maximum Magnetic Force: >350kg Test Range : Rockwell hardness HRC, HRB, HRA etc. 15 scales Resolution: Rockwell hardness 0.5HR Accuracy: Meets the requirements of ISO6508 Minimum Specimen Size: 60×180 mm
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