Multi Swing Prism Borescope

Multi Swing Prism Borescope (Industrial Endoscope)
370° Multi Swing Prism rotation for orbital view | DOV 7° - 133° | FOV 45°
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Multiscopes from IT Concepts are highly developed Inspection Devices, assembled from highly precise optical and mechanical Parts. Design, Construction and special Production make them suitable for professional Use in daily rough industrial Applications. Design and Handling: The metal Construction results in a durable, long lasting Device. The Probe is made of stainless Steel, the Main Body of Aluminium. Precision Assembly yields high Quality. This minimizes the Needs of Service and Cost of Ownership. The detachable, ergonomic Hand Piece enables the User to handle the Scope easily and conveniently. 140° Swing Prism Head: By Means of Swing Prism an individually adjustable Direction of View is provided. This allows prograde (forward) or retrograde (backward) View during the Inspection without changing the Scope.

Features | Functions | Benefits

  • Adjustable Direction of View
  • 370° Scope Rotation for bital View
  • Single Hand Rotation Control
  • Palpable Orientation
  • Image Focussing
  • Precise Optical Lens System
  • Optimized Illumination
  • Ergonomic detachable Handpiece
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