Optimax-365 Ultra High Intensity Ultraviolet LED Flashlight


Note: For even greater light uniformity, order the DF-365 diffusing filter
with this product.

Light emitting diode (LED) technology takes UV portability to the next level in the Optimax 365.

The breakthrough LED bulb is several times brighter and longer lasting than conventional 100 watt and 150 watt lamps.

Nominal Steady-State UV-AIntensity:
6” (15 cm)—50,000 μW/cm
215” (38 cm)—18,000 μW/cm
224” (61 cm)—6,000 μW/cm2
Bulb life — 30,000-hours

Another benfit of the LED is instant-on operation — Push the button and the lamp immediately reaches full power and is ready for use, unlike conventional lamps which take several minutes to reach performance. The Optimax eliminates down time waiting for bulbs to warm up, making for a faster inspection for mobile inspectors.  Since this energy efficient lamp generates practically no heat, no cool-down period is required either; just turn it off, put it back in your pocket and go.

Unlike conventional UV bulbs, LED's do not contain toxic mercury. 

This lamp is rechargeable with the NiMH battery providing 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges (AC and DC chargers are included).

Electronic intensity stabilizer circuitry ensures consistent performance, so the beam will not will not fade between charges!

Although very versatile, the OPX-365 is not available with a certificate of conformity or calibration, and is not compliant with current ASTM E-1417 and ASTM E-1444 standards.  The OLX-365 mini ultraviolet LED flashlight is recommended for compliance with the peak wavelength requirements expressed in these standards.

Although extremely bright, this ultraviolet flashlight produces a smaller spot than conventional UV lamps, so it is not recommended for applications where wide area coverage is the primary concern. To view the beam profile and intensity diagrams, click on the download link in the Quick Overview section above.

Made in USA.
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Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Compliant No
ASTM E3022 Compliant No