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Waygate Technologies PALM Flat Scanner for UT Weld Inspection

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The PALM scanner family is are an elegant solution for encoded ultrasonic scanning of small diameter circumferential butt welds including small diameter boiler tubers.

The PALM Scanner family inspects pipes of diameters from 1.5” up to 3.5”

PALM 50 Scanner (1.5” – 2.0” diameter tube)

PALM 64 Scanner (2.0” – 2.5” diameter tube)

PALM 90 Scanner (2.5” – 3.5” diameter tube)

These tools are adaptable with various wedges and phased array probes to suit virtually any inspection procedure.

These scanners are designed to work with 7.5 MHz and 10 MHz ge low profile focused array probes.  The probes are available with a range of connectors, so this equipment is compatible with almost any phased array UT instrument.

PALM Scanners are delivered with a wide selection of accessories in order to make inspection and/or equipment handling even simpler. Double-sided extension is an optional upgrade to enable scanning from both sides of the weld in a single pass.


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