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Conquer vertical inspections with ease using Zenith. This innovative solution excels in navigating hard-to-reach, vertical confined spaces, revolutionizing the inspection process. What once required significant time and financial investment can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time with Zenith. Not only does it boost efficiency, but it also enhances safety by eliminating the need for confined-space entry during inspections. By choosing Zenith, you can save both lives and money while achieving unparalleled inspection results. Say goodbye to breaking the plane and embrace a new era of streamlined vertical inspections. *ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENT*

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At the base of the Zenith is a custom designed Tripod built to meet the needs of any type of inspection. Each leg can be set at independent degrees and at different heights, using angled brackets with 6 holes at roughly 15˚increments.
The Tripod locks at 0˚ for easy transport inside its case. Safety begins with the Tripod, engineered with 4 safety attachment points to anchor/secure Tripod during the operation and pin tethers to prevent a fall from a height. Possible configurations are:

The Zenith’s Controller has been created with the inspector in mind. With low-profile buttons, rockers and switches, the controller is meant to be used with gloves in any tough environment. Built into a rugged Pelican Case, this controller is designed to last and bring you the results you need. Light up your asset at the press of a button and capture your inspection with ease.

Smaller drones require “cell phone” sized cameras to save weight. With far less weight restrictions for Zenith, it has the ability to carry a wide variety of payloads, starting with the advanced camera inside the gimbal’s protective housing. Sporting a 30x Optical Zoom Camera that can capture 18MP still photos and 4K video recording all while self-stabilizing, this is the camera for the job. Light up the darkest spaces with a 10,000 Lumen LED light that is brighter than car headlights so you can see even the smallest of defects. After the inspection, run your photos through our Photo Measurement Software that is included with Zenith to get precise defect dimensions.

Our Patent Pending CoaxDrive System is at the heart of Zenith’s strengths. What makes this more than a box with a beautiful gimbal? The CoaxDrive System gives Zenith precise heading control left and right. By counter-rotating our custom paddles inside the center of Zenith, it enables the Unit to hold its heading regardless of air flow or cable unwind. Using the paddles to create torque along with a robust inertial measurement unit (IMU), provides the Unit with precise heading control. Due to Zenith being attached to a free spinning bearing, the inspector is able to rotate the Unit unlimited left or right to complete a thorough inspection.

The Smart Winch System (SWS) includes: Winch Motor & Reel, Electronic Control Box, and Gantry. Angle your Zenith 11 different ways thanks to the pivoting Gantry that holds the Extension Arm. View live Zenith readouts on the LCD screen to see height, heading, LIDAR distance, and more. Use the switches to control the Zenith height in addition to the controller. The SWS can also be removed and attached to existing infrastructure such as a beam above the manhole.



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