Zetec TOPAZ64 Phased Array UT Flaw Detector

TOPAZ64 is a fully integrated, portable 64 channel Phased Array UT device delivering faster, more reliable inspections. It intelligently combines the power of 64 active channels for Phased Array UT applications with the industry’s most advanced Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focusing Method (TFM) capabilities.

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Driven by Industrially Proven UltraVision® Software

TOPAZ64 includes UltraVision Touch software onboard. This powerful, yet easy to use software controls the acquisition of Phased Array UT signals, displays real-time images and provides online and o ine data analysis. UltraVision o ers many advanced features for TOPAZ64 to improve Phased Array UT inspections, including industry leading FMC, real-time high resolution TFM, and post-processed TFM from recorded elementary A-Scan. 

Your Inspection Needs Covered, Challenges Met

The highly exible TOPAZ64 completes the TOPAZ family of portable integrated Phased Array ultrasonic instruments. From the unmatched value of TOPAZ16 and the rede ned performance of TOPAZ32 to the ultra-intelligent TOPAZ64, you’ll quickly agree your needs will be covered, challenges met. 

TOPAZ64 is Packed With Features for an Inspection Advantage

  • Experience the Power. 64/128PR phased array con guration and 2 separate conventional UT channels at 200 V
  • Higher Resolution, Better Performance. Best-in-class “live” TFM resolution delivering 65k points frame, up to 110 Hz. When higher resolution is needed, TOPAZ64 can generate 1M points frame. No other portable instrument can match this resolution. The 12” high-resolution multi-touch display can be operated with gloves and delivers unmatched image quality
  • Improve Probability of Detection. New bipolar pulsers provide more energy to punch through thick components
  • Save Time and Money. Save raw A-Scan data for record-keeping compliance or TFM post-processing without the need to rescan
  • Use Less Equipment. Supports 2D matrix arrays in pulse echo, pitch & catch or multiprobe con gurations without the need for any external software
  • Use in Demanding Environments. Rugged, lightweight casing with no air intake
  • Increase Uptime, Wherever You Go. Battery operated and designed to accommodate two batteries in a hot swappable sequential discharge configuration

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    Zetec's TOPAZ®64 is a fully integrated, portable 64 channel Phased Array UT instrument delivering faster, more accurate inspections. It combines the power of 64 active channels for Phased Array UT applications, with the industry’s most advanced FULL MATRIX CAPTURE (FMC) and TOTAL FOCUSING METHOD (TFM) capabilities. TOPAZ64 can intelligently handle all your challenging UT inspections using the latest technologies.
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  • Topaz64 Overview Video
    Zetec's TOPAZ64 is the industry’s most intelligent, fully integrated, portable 64-channel phased array ultrasound (UT) instrument. TOPAZ64 combines code-compliant phased array UT with the industry’s most advanced full matrix capture (FMC) and total focusing method (TFM).
  •  Topaz64 Overview Video
  •  Topaz64 Overview Video