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ECHO 7 Precision Thickness Gauges

Danatronics ECHO-7 series of hand held precision ultrasonic thickness gage with 3.5” color display comes in 4 models ranging from our ECHO-7 to the fully loaded ECHO-7DLW that includes default setups for a wide variety of transducers as well as custom stored setups, all with 1 micron resolution, “unlimited” reading datalogger via an up to 32Gb micro SD card memory and a live Waveform (A-Scan). So you if are measuring thin coil steel. *ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENT*

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Danatronics offers our newest ultrasonic precision thickness gage line, the ECHO 7 series. ECHO 7 represents our most advanced thickness gage ever. ECHO 7 offers a 3.5” high resolution sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, use of a wide variety of contact, delay line and immersion probes from 1-20 Mhz as default and custom created and stored applications setups, B-Scan, datalogger with up to 32GB of SD card memory and interface to Microsoft excel. The ECHO 7 is available in 4 models including the ECHO 7, ECHO 7DL, ECHO 7W and ECHO 7DLW. The vibrate on alarm feature is the world’s first and is great for loud environments.

The ECHO 7 series is available in 4 models:

  • ECHO 7: Hand-Held Digital Ultrasonic thickness gage with 3.5″ Sunlight Readable Color Display for thickness only including: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Measurement, Plastic Carrying Case, 2 Oz. bottle of couplant (C-02G), Re-Chargeable Li. Ion batteries, a Transducer up to 10 Mhz, lemo to microdot cable, Charger adapter with USB cable and data xl interface program
  • ECHO 7W: Includes all the features of the ECHO 7 plus a live color waveform (A-scan). (No Datalogger) with the live waveform, you can adjust range, gain, blanks and rectification.
  • ECHO 7DL: Includes all the features of the ECHO 7 plus “unlimited” reading Datalogger with export to excel, B-scan (2 GB removable micro SD card standard, other Micro SD cards up to 32GB are optional). Data XL interface program to export saved readings to p.c. (excel)
  • ECHO 7DLW: Combines all the features such as Hand-Held Digital Ultrasonic thickness gage with live Color Waveform, “unlimited” thickness readings via internal Datalogger with removable micro sd card including: Plastic Carrying Case (PC-09), 2 Oz. bottle of couplant (C-02G), Re-chargable Li Ion Battery, a transducer up to 10 Mhz., lemo to microdot cable, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Measurement and B-Scan, A Custom Rubber boot with built-in bail and 4 point chest harness, Charger adapter with USB cable and Data XL interface program to export saved readings to p.c. (excel). ECHO 7DLW also includes the ability to display the thickness of the optional oxide scale and the boiler tube wall thicknesses at the same time as well as the ability to calibrate on their individual sound velocities.

ECHO 7 Specifications:

  • Size: Length 7.25” x Width 4.00” x Height 2.00” (184mm x 101.6mm x 50.8mm)
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs (.52 kg) with internal Li-Ion battery, 1.0 lb. (.45 kg) with optional Alkaline tray including 3 AA batteries
  • Display: 3.5” high-resolution color display, 320 x 240 pixels (1/4 VGA), sunlight readable, including multiple color choices

ECHO Software Options are easy and convenient to upgrade in the field. Danatronics gage upgrades are done directly from your gage’s keypad and do not require the use of a computer.

The following are available upgrades for the ECHO 7:

  • B-Scan: Comes standard on the ECHO-7DL and ECHO-7DLW
  • Bluetooth: Available as an optional upgrade for all ECHO series gages
  • Datalogger: Comes standard with the ECHO 7DL and ECHO 7DLW
  • Live Waveform: Comes standard with the ECHO 7W and ECHO 7DLW
  • Oxide Scale: Sold as a separate software option for the ECHO 7W or ECHO 7DLW



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