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Waygate Technologies USM Go+ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Small but mighty. All you expect from an ultrasonic flaw detector, packed in a handheld *ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENT*

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Achieve reliable results in a variety of inspection situations throughout the industrial and process spectrum, from aerospace to power generation and from the automotive sector to the oil and gas industry.

When ultrasonic testing circumstances call for a portable and lightweight handheld instrument, there is no reason to compromise quality for convenience. Designed with a rugged rubber casing to stand up to the harshest field conditions and small enough to fit into the palm of the hand or a coveralls pocket, this is truly the ultrasonic flaw detector designed to stand up to any inspection challenge.

  • Weld inspection
  • Inspection of forging and castings
  • Inspection of rails
  • Inspection of composites
  • For more demanding applications such as narrow band filters, low noise digital amplifier, and square wave pulsers

When flaw detection equipment can be operated with one hand, inspectors are free to make changes to the probe or their environment with the other. Inspections don’t get easier than that.

  • A-Scan video recording up to 8 minutes allows live reporting and playback of an entire inspection sequence for review by more qualified personnel (e.g. Level III).
  • A truly ambidextrous instrument with the flip function of the display and functionality of the rocker switches.
  • AUTOANG (Auto Angle) feature calculates the refracted angle of an angle beam wedge and utilizes it for Trigonometric flaw location projections.
  • A standard USB connection allows for data to be downloaded from the flaw detector for further analysis or storage.
  • The instrument’s 2 GB memory can be easily exchanged by SD cards up to 16 GB.
  • Reports are produced in JPEG or BMP format so there is no need for special reading software.
  • Backwall Echo Attenuator (BEA) helps to find very small defects, improving detectability.
  • Automatic Gate Threshold for the 2 gates ensuring accurate measurements made under the same conditions.

Even though the CRxVision was designed for the inspection of welds, it also has the ability to cover a wide range of industrial radiography applications:

  • Weld inspection
  • Erosion/Corrosion inspection (CUI, FAC, etc.)
  • Castings (In-process and final)
  • Valve positioning
  • Concrete and Structure inspection
  • Government (Arsenals, National Laboratories, Proving Grounds)
  • Military (in-service aircraft, ships, etc.)

The USM Go+ is the ideal device for portable ultrasonic testing. It comfortably fits in the palm of your hand or pocket of coveralls for ease of use and transport. It’s the perfect tool for operation in confined spaces, areas with difficult access, or other difficult environments. Actually, you can operate it with one hand, thanks to the arrow-keypad, which allows for intuitive navigation and fast and precise adjustments. That comes in handy when you need your other hand to adjust the probe or just hold on to a ladder. Are you left-handed? No problem, use the ‘flip’ function to adapt the instrument to your hand.

Its molded rubber casing makes the USM Go+ the sturdy instrument you need in the sometimes harsh conditions of ‘the field’. It is dust and waterproof to IP67 and has been tested according to military standards.

Its molded rubber casing makes the USM Go+ the sturdy instrument you need in the sometimes harsh conditions of ‘the field’. It is dust and waterproof to IP67 and has been tested according to military standards.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the USM Go+ takes UT performance in handheld instruments a step further. The excellent near surface resolution enables you to detect flaws located just under the surface of the test piece with a high degree of reliability. A wide Pulse Repetition Frequency range allows you to use the USM Go+ at low PRF to inspect forged parts without any “ghost” echoes and to inspect welds at high PRF when fast scanning speed is required.



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USM Go BASE Software Upgrade – Mainly for straight beam inspection. Includes A SCAN Flaw Detector (no DAC or Eval modes other than dB Ref).

USM Go STANDARD Software Upgrade – Includes BASE Features, adds more angle beam features. Includes DAC/TCG, AWS eval mode, and Square Wave Pulser controls.

USM Go ADVANCED Software Upgrade – Includes BASE and STANDARD features, adds JISDAC, JFLANK, DGS, Phantom PRF, Back Echo Attenuator, and Third Gate.

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