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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians by J.C.Drury

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians by John Drury has almost become an industry standard amongst UT professionals and is widely regarded as the most complete UT book ever written. Now in its third edition, the book was first published twenty five years ago. This thorough revision covers all the latest transducer technology and flaw detection instrumentation advancements and UT developments such as TOFD.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians – 3rd Edition by J.C.Drury
250 Pages Paperback
Published 2004

Chapter 1: History of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Chapter 2: Basic Principles of Sound
Chapter 3: Properties of Sound
Chapter 4: Transducers for generating Sound Waves
Chapter 5: Probe Construction
Chapter 6: The Pulse-Echo Flaw Detector
Chapter 7: The Ultrasonic Beam
Chapter 8: Calibration and Reference Standards
Chapter 9: Compression Wave Techniques
Chapter 10: Shear Wave Techniques
Chapter 11: Surface Wave Techniques
Chapter 12: Immersion Techniques
Chapter 13: The Examination of Steel Castings
Chapter 14: The Examination of Forgings
Chapter 15: The Examination of Welds
Chapter 16: Defect Sizing and Evaluation Techniques
Chapter 17: Assessing the Performance of Equipment
Chapter 18: Report Writing

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