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Port Adapter Kit

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Access port adapter kit. Includes nylon pouch made to fit into bottom of Mentor Visual iQ Workstation case. Kit includes the follow access port
adapters: A100016S150 -CP 1-16UNF1.5″, A112512S150 -CP 1 1/8-12UNF1.5″, A37524C150 -CP 3/8-24UNF3A1.5″, A43820C150 -CP 7/16-20UNF3A1.5″, A50020S150 -1.500X 1/2-20 X 1/2-13 ADAPTER, A50020S275 -CP 1/2-20UNF- 2.75″, A56318C150 -CP 9/16-18UNF3A1.5″, A56318S150 -CP 9/16-18UNF1.5″, A62518S150 -CP 5/8-18UNF1.5″, A62518S300 -CP 5/8-18UNF3.0″, A75016S150 – CP 3/4-16UNF1.5″, A87514S150 -CP 7/8-14UNF1.5″, XA125 -GRIPPER, 8MM.

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