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Field Flux Strip Type I (G)ENERAL – Gold (Burma Castrol) ONE STRIP

Field Flux Strip Type I (G)ENERAL – Gold (Burma Castrol)

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Price is PER strip (one)

Magnetic Flux Strips are a simple-to-use, inexpensive and effective tool that provides you with assurance that you are performing an effective magnetic particle test.

Their proper use proves that you have:

– Adequate field strength and direction

– Proper illumination

– Appropriate magnetic particle properties are sufficient to find surface cracks equal or greater in size than those built into the strip.

– Fluorescent, Wet Visible (Black & White) as well as Dry Particles.

– AC, FWDC and HWDC magnetization, with either longitudinal or circular fields.

– Demonstrate the sensitivity differences between methods and to develop magnetizing techniques.

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