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ARTIO Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

Perform ultrasonic thickness surveys right from your iPhone or iPad, collect and share results with zero fuss.

Being fully wireless controlled and weighing under 200g / 7oz, ARTIO opens up possibilities of remote inspection by rope access, drone or robotic crawler.

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Feature Packed

ARTIO is rich with features, making it easier to gather quality data, more efficiently. Never before has it been so easy to setup, collect and share data, thanks to the rich and intuitive interface made possible by today’s mobile devices. ARTIO’s interface is like no other.
*Some features are subscription based.

Record With Ease

Values are recorded and displayed directly in your built-in grid, removing the potential for typing mistakes.
The animated table follows your progress, helping you visualise your current spot location as well as changing colour to alert you of critical areas.*Some features are subscription based.

Freedom & Safety

Free up your hands to move around safely and with ease by securing your mobile device and ARTIO unit with the wrist strap and belt pouch accessories.
ARTIO is perfect for rope access inspections, with everything kept out of the way and no straps to get caught in your climbing equipment.

Truly Wireless

The ARTIO unit is FULLY wireless controlled, not just an add-on screen sharing adaptor.
Adjust all of the ultrasound settings, view live waveforms and save data directly, from up to 60M/200ft away* from the ARTIO hardware unit.
Being extremely light weight and compact, ARTIO is perfect for mounting on a drone or robotic crawler, removing the need for working at heights, entry into confined spaces or hazardous areas.
*Line of sight, signal quality depends on environmental surroundings.

Field Pedigree

ARTIO has been made by technicians, for technicians.
We are a team of qualified and experienced ultrasonic technologists who, just like you, have spent years crawling around refineries, power stations, offshore platforms, aircraft hangars, shipyards and tanks, on scaffolds, pipe-racks and ropes.
We focus on giving our customers products that are intuitive and powerful, not complex and cumbersome.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Send results directly from the field, no need to step foot in the office.
Convert hours of data transfer time into productive inspection time.

Hardware Highlights

Light Weight: At less than 200g/7oz, ARTIO is perfect for drone and robot deployment.
Fast A-Scan: Selectable A-Scan refresh rate, up to 60Hz.
Long Range: Wireless connection tested to remain stable at over 60M/200ft, line of sight.
Endurance:4hrs constant usage on internal battery, extendable with a compact swappable external battery bank.
Standard Probe Connectors: Connect your standard single, twin or pitch-catch probes with the 2 LEMO-00 connectors.
Compatibility: iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 13.5 or greater..

User Guide

Artio User Guide
Artio Quick Start

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